FAQ - How does magnetic filtration effect oil analysis and failure prediction?

Posted by Chris Padman on 10 July 2020
FAQ - How does magnetic filtration effect oil analysis and failure prediction?



A - Rare earth magnetic filtration systems remove most, but not all iron contamination from hydraulic systems; typically 60-70%.  The effect on oil analysis is that any trends in iron remain intact, just at a lower base-line.

FAQ - Mag-Shield

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FAQ - How can I improve the life of shovel dipper door trip mechanism components and ropes?

Posted by Chris Padman on 2 June 2020
A -  Zemek have observed these steps can provide improvements to the life of components and ropes -  Correct alignment of system mechanism. Use of engineering polymer guide components limits wear to mating components. Low friction components reduce load and wear on ropes particularly. Revised trip sheave design shown to extend rope life. More information Contact us for more information and get more mileage from your mining equi...
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How we are working through the Covid-19 Pandemic

Posted by Janelle Graham on 2 April 2020
As with all businesses in this uncertain time, ZEMEK is implementing practices so that we can continue to operate while keeping our staff, clients and our suppliers safe. Here's how we are doing it: Working from home Zemek staff are working from home when possible, minimising contact between staff. Although the office always remains staffed as usual for any in person enquiries, of course while maintaing a safe social distance. Staff who remain in the office or workshop have plenty...

Mag-Shield filters for mining equipment

Posted on 15 May 2019
Mag-Shield filters for mining equipment
Combat iron contamination and minimise hydraulic failure Our mission at ZEMEK Engineering is to improve the lifecycle performance of mining equipment. We're always on the lookout for new products that increase reliability and protect against failure. Mag-Shield filters meet those needs and deliver a multitude of benefits. Manufactured by BAY6 Solutions, Mag-Shield filters use rare and advanced earth temperature resistant magnetic technology to direct the oil flow in your mining equi...
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WEARITE research study with UQMP

Posted on 8 May 2019
WEARITE research study with UQMP
Examining the application of polymer bushings in mining equipment At ZEMEK, we don't just offer solutions we create them. To ensure we stay on the cutting edge of mining equipment and technology, we collaborate with world-class leaders and academics to design and develop mining equipment. We're currently collaborating with UQ Materials Performance (UQMP) a professional engineering consultancy and research business based at the University of Queensland in Brisbane. UQMP'...
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ZEMEK's upgrade has been a major success story with improved door latching, greatly reduced latch shimming downtime and significant reduction in maintenance.

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