Providing world-class mining equipment since 1975

Zemek Engineering is an Australian manufacturer and repairer of mining equipment components.  Proudly supporting Australian miners since 1975.  Zemek has pioneered technology advances in equipment for rope shovels, draglines, excavators, trucks and other mining equipment.  With offices in Mackay, Perth and Brisbane; Zemek supports all local mining centres with the best product innovations and technical support.

With over 45 years of experience servicing the mining industry, ZEMEK Engineering is at the forefront of mining equipment component design and replacement part technology. Our mission is to supply the highest quality mining equipment components, replacement parts, and services to improve the lifecycle performance of:

  • Rope Shovels
  • Draglines
  • Hydraulic Excavators
  • Mining Trucks
  • Dozers and ancilliary equipment

ZEMEK's Core Values


Through close collaboration with our partners in the mining industry, Zemek innovates in both its products and service.  These innovations have provided our clients with lasting benefits in safety, reliability and production costs.  Among Zemek's leading innovations are -

  • 'Z-Slide' trip and latching system for electric rope shovels featuring extensive use of advanced polymers and optimised system geometry.
  • Zemek straight-pull dragline sockets maximizing rope life.
  • 'Wearite' self- lubricated bushes for excavator mechanisms, eliminating production losses due to lubrication failure. 


Zemek is dedicated to a safe industry and to collaborate with our partners in this.  Recognising the importance of safety and the value it adds to our client's businesses Zemek has implemented -

  • Safe work procedures for all work carried out.
  • Innovations to reduce with risk in areas such as manual handling, sharps and chemical exposure.
  • 9 years since last lost time injury (LTI). 


  • Zemek meets the strict quality demands of our clients with quality certification to ISO 9001 for the organization.
  • Factory staff are accredited to AS/NZS ISO 9606 for welding.

Sustainability and Relationships

Zemek's business is built on relationships and our long-term relationships are built on sustainable benefits for stakeholders.  Zemek's long-term commitment to working with our clients delivers measurable gains for operators of heavy mining equipment.


Design and manufacture of functional systems and components for heavy mobile and field mining equipment, including-

  • Dragline rigging.
  • Electric Rope Shovel trip and latching systems.
  • Self-lubricating bushes for excavator, shovel and other equipment.
  • Application of engineering and advanced polymers in heavy equipment.

Repair and refurbishment of heavy mining equipment components offering-

  • Industry leading quality
  • Rapid turn-around times
  • Cost effective solutions

On site equipment audits and technical support, providing-

  • Increased maintenance schedule integrity.
  • Sustainable productivity gains through system innovation and optimisation.


Key clients

  • BHP
  • Glencore
  • Anglo American
  • Peabody Energy
  • Yancoal
  • Rio Tinto
  • Roy Hill Mining

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Contact the ZEMEK team to talk about your mining equipment needs. We're based in Mackay in Central Queensland, but we work with mining companies and heavy industry across Australia and worldwide.

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The door is working very well and I can tell you it is much appreciated now we see how trouble free it remains.  & the guys loved fitting the door up with the bushes etc.  It went tog...

Reliance Sasan Mine, India