Rope Shovels

Dipper Door Components

As experts in rope shovel dipper door and trip system technology, ZEMEK Engineering supplies a complete range of door components, along with handle bushes and saddle block wear plates to fit the world's most popular rope shovel systems, including P&H 4100A, 4100XPB/C, 2800 and CAT 7495. Zemek rope shovel dipper components provide:

  • Proven cycle life compatible with major service intervals 9-10 months.
  • Optimum system alignment and low friction materials, providing improved function and rope life.
  • Reduced lubrication requirement.
  • Improved safety with lighter parts and reduced hot work.
  • Faster part replacement.
  • Reduced operational costs. 

As well as a full range of door components, Zemek offers service kits under a single material number for P&H 4100A, 4100XPB/C, 2800 and CAT 7495.

Read more about our Rope Shovel trip system in this blog post - Case Study.

Saddle block wear plates

  • Use of WEARITE limits wear and reduces friction
  • Function of mechanism improved
  • Reduced machining and welding in shuts
  • Little or no wear on handle
  • Overall weight reduced
  • Reduced cost compared to OEM steel or bronze plates

Pins and Bushes

Zemek offers the complete range of pins and bushes for the dipper, handle, bail arms and equalisers.

We also offer our innovative Wearite bushes in the door arms, equaliser and bail arm locations. Read more about the benefits of the Wearite bush here.

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Contact ZEMEK to enquire about electric shovel refurbishment services and repairs. All shovel door repairs are carried out onsite, at our workshop in Mackay, North Queensland.

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