Nylon & Polyurethane

Premium polymer mining parts, made in Australia

Here at ZEMEK Engineering, we're pioneers in product development. Our mission is to improve the lifecycle performance of your mining equipment by providing cost-effective solutions to mining problems. That's why we developed ZEMEK polymer parts including a revolutionary range of nylon mining parts that outperform traditional steel.

Exclusively manufactured in Australia, ZEMEK's nylon and polyurethane products are made to the highest specifications and offer huge operational advantages when compared to steel mining parts. ZEMEK's polymer mining parts are:

  • More durable than steel longer operational life
  • More effective than steel less friction on sliding parts
  • Lighter than steel manual handling advantages
  • Easier and cheaper to maintain
  • Proven to reduce operational noise

As well as helping you reduce capital costs, ZEMEK's polymer mining parts are suitable for a range of products and applications, including dragline walking gear (stabilising foot plates), rope shovel dipper door components (nylon door bushes, C block inserts, T block inserts, lever slides, bump stops, door buffers, snubber lugs, equaliser bar bushes, latch bar inserts), and conveyor and chute wear plates.

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Want to get more life out of your mining equipment? Contact ZEMEK to learn more about our premium nylon and polyurethane products. We supply plastic mining parts across Australia and beyond.

  • avatarClamp Cable Set 75mm 

    Clamp Cable Set 75mm

  • avatarClamp Cable Set 100mm 

    Clamp Cable Set 100mm

  • avatarSeal ROM Buffer Ext. 100mm 

    Seal ROM Buffer Ext. 100mm

  • avatarSeal ROM Buffer Ext. 150mm 

    Seal ROM Buffer Ext. 150mm

  • avatarClamp Cable Set 78mm 

    Clamp Cable Set 78mm

  • avatarSeal ROM Buffer 1 mts 

    Seal ROM Buffer 1 mts

  • avatarSeal ROM Buffer Extended 75mm 

    Seal ROM Buffer Extended 75mm

  • avatarRoller Aperture Bearingless 

    Roller Aperture Bearingless

  • avatarRollerDRE house exit 

    RollerDRE house exit

  • avatarRoller Slip on Drag Tunnel 

    Roller Slip on Drag Tunnel

  • avatarClamp Cable Set 65mm 

    Clamp Cable Set 65mm

  • avatarInsert Latch Bar Upper Nylon 

    Insert Latch Bar Upper Nylon

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The door is working very well and I can tell you it is much appreciated now we see how trouble free it remains.  & the guys loved fitting the door up with the bushes etc.  It went tog...

Reliance Sasan Mine, India