Premium Polymer Mining Parts

Wearite Engineering Polymer

Driving increased availability in heavy mining equipment. 

WEARITE is a polymer material that replaces the steel or bronze bush and is known for its superior load and friction properties. With its lightweight advanced nylon technology, Wearite is proven over many years of service in rope shovels, excavators and other heavy equipment.

- Self-lubricating with advanced solid lubricant
- Superior wear performance
- Very low surface friction

- Capable of running without lubrication for extended periods 10,000 hours +
- Little or no wear on mating components
- Improved manual handling safety


- Rope shovel dipper doors
- Rope shovel equalisers and bail arms
- Excavator linkages
- Drill rigs


ZEMEK Premium Polyurethane Parts

Polyurethane material has a long history of successful applications in mining. The material provides exceptional:

  • Impact resistance
  • Chemical and weather resistance
  • Wear characteristics

Zemek offers durable polyurethane parts with proven designs for:

  • Dragline and Rope Shovel applications
  • Bump stops
  • Buffers
  • Wire rope handling

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The bushes have lasted two years, which is the ...

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