• Rope Shovel Components

  • ZEMEK stock and supply all associated components to completely fit-out a 4100A, 4100XPB/C or CAT Shovel Dipper Doors. 

  • 4100XPBC                                     4100A                                         CAT 7495      

    In addition to the supply of replacement door components, ZEMEK also offers refurbishment services for Latch Levers, Latch Bars, Saddle Blocks, Equaliser Upgrades and Dipper Door Tripping Systems within their Mackay Workshop facility. 

    The ZEMEK Door refurbishment package is proven to solve significant operational problems, increasing the effectiveness of the shovel doors tripping & latching system. 

    The ZEMEK Equaliser Upgrade has demonstrated increasing the life of both the equaliser & pin. 

    Both of the ZEMEK Door Refurbishment & Equaliser Upgrade services when conducted in the Mackay Workshop are offered with an exclusive warranty offer. 

    Please contact the ZEMEK office to discuss shovel components or refurbishment services.