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Rope shovel components & refurbishment services

For more than 100 years, electric rope shovels have reduced burden on mine sites and helped move more material at a lower cost. As experts in rope shovel dipper door technology, ZEMEK Engineering supplies a complete range of door components to fit the world's most popular rope shovel systems, including 4100A, 4100XPB/C and CAT.

Our electric shovel dipper door components have been developed over many years of research into the latch bar and latch lever systems (tripping system). This ensures the components provide the most cost-effective operation of the trip rope system and optimum lifecycle performance.

In addition to the supply of replacement components, ZEMEK also offers complete dipper door refurbishment and door components including latch levers, latch bars and saddle blocks, as well as equaliser upgrades, at our Mackay workshop. Like our rope shovel components, ZEMEK's refurbishment services come with a comprehensive warranty, providing you with peace of mind.

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If you're looking to solve operational problems or simply increase the life and performance of your mining equipment ZEMEK's experienced team can help. Contact us to discuss rope shovel components and refurbishment services.

  • avatarKit 2800 Bolt&Nut Low Ins 

    Kit 2800 Bolt&Nut Low Ins

  • avatarBush C7495 Lever 

    Bush C7495 Lever

  • avatar12.5inch Snubber Pin 

    12.5inch Snubber Pin

  • avatarPin Bail Arm 10-inch 

    Pin Bail Arm 10-inch

  • avatarCAT 8inch Door Retainer Pin 

    CAT 8inch Door Retainer Pin

  • avatarLatch Bar 

    Latch Bar

  • avatarLatch Lever steel insert 

    Latch Lever steel insert

  • avatarLever latch single side assy 

    Lever latch single side assy

  • avatarLever latch solid 

    Lever latch solid

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ZEMEK's upgrade has been a major success story with improved door latching, greatly reduced latch shimming downtime and significant reduction in maintenance.

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