Revolutionising heavy machinery repairs

When it comes to heavy machinery repairs, ZEMEK Engineering is ahead of the pack. That's why we use and supply WEARITE bushes and pins to refurbish excavator buckets, dozers and drill rigs.

WEARITE is a thermo polymer product that replaces steel/bronze bushing and is known for its superior mechanical and chemical properties. With its lightweight advanced thermo-polymer technology, WEARITE is a greatly improved alternative to steel, brass and bronze in high impact or problem areas. That means more streamlined maintenance processes, more affordable component exchange, and more life from your parts.

As experts in refurbishment, ZEMEK has the skills, products and resources to optimise all types of earth moving equipment using WEARITE technology safely, quickly and cost-effectively. Our WEARITE range includes mining parts for:

  • Shovel dipper doors
  • Shovel equalisers
  • Excavator H link and dog bones
  • Dozer WEARITE sleeved pins
  • Drill rig applications

To learn more about WEARITE technology, read our recent post: WEARITE study with UQMP.

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Contact ZEMEK to enquire about WEARITE products, heavy machinery repairs and excavator bucket refurbishment services. Our friendly team will tailor a solution to suit your needs, schedule and budget.

  • avatarBush H5600 H-Link to Bucket 

    Bush H5600 H-Link to Bucket

  • avatarBush 2800 Door Arm 

    Bush 2800 Door Arm

  • avatarShim XPB/C Door Pivot 10.0mm 

    Shim XPB/C Door Pivot 10.0mm

  • avatarWasher XPB/C Snub Sleeve 20mm 

    Washer XPB/C Snub Sleeve 20mm

  • avatarPadWear Sddle Blk Side Rail 

    PadWear Sddle Blk Side Rail

  • avatarBush XPB/C Equaliser Pivot 

    Bush XPB/C Equaliser Pivot

  • avatarBush XPB/C Bail Arm Outer 

    Bush XPB/C Bail Arm Outer

  • avatarWasher XPB/C Sub Slve 10mm 

    Washer XPB/C Sub Slve 10mm

  • avatarPad Wear Sddle Blk Top Rail 

    Pad Wear Sddle Blk Top Rail

  • avatarBush H5600 Arm to Dogbone Pivot 

    Bush H5600 Arm to Dogbone Pivot

  • avatarShim XPB/C Door Pivot 6.3mm 

    Shim XPB/C Door Pivot 6.3mm

  • avatarBush XPB/C Snubb Sleeve(1pce) 

    Bush XPB/C Snubb Sleeve(1pce)

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The door is working very well and I can tell you it is much appreciated now we see how trouble free it remains.  & the guys loved fitting the door up with the bushes etc.  It went tog...

Reliance Sasan Mine, India