Shovel Door Latching

Shovel door components & latching systems

An electric shovel is an essential investment for any mining or earth moving business but electric mining shovels don't come cheap. When it's time to replace your shovel door parts, you want products that provide value for money and improve the lifecycle performance of your mining equipment.

ZEMEK stocks a wide range of shovel door components and spare parts for door latching systems. Our shovel door components suit the world's most popular electric mining shovels, including P&H 2800, 4100A, 4100XPB/C and CAT 7495.

ZEMEK was the pioneering company to introduce several improvements to the dipper door components and latching systems in the early 2000s. These include our innovative range of engineering polymer shovel door components made from nylon and polyurethane. These synthetic components reduce the weight of individual components, improving safety and handling for maintenance crews. They also reduce component wear and the need to maintain lubrication lines.

ZEMEK's range of plastic shovel door components includes:

  • Nylon door bushes
  • C block inserts
  • T block inserts
  • Lever slides
  • Bump stops
  • Door buffers
  • Snubber lugs
  • Equaliser bar bushes
  • Latch bar inserts


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Contact ZEMEK to enquire about shovel door components, door latching systems or shovel door repairs. We offer complete shovel door refurbishment services from our workshop in Mackay, North Queensland.

  • avatar Insert Latch Bar Upper Nylon  

    Insert Latch Bar Upper Nylon

  • avatar Pin CAT 8" Door Pivot  

    Pin CAT 8" Door Pivot

  • avatar Lever latch solid  

    Lever latch solid

  • avatar Lever latch single side assy  

    Lever latch single side assy

  • avatar Latch Bar  

    Latch Bar

  • avatar Latch Lever steel insert  

    Latch Lever steel insert

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The door is working very well and I can tell you it is much appreciated now we see how trouble free it remains.  & the guys loved fitting the door up with the bushes etc.  It went tog...

Reliance Sasan Mine, India