• ZEMEK Nylon & Polyurethane Products

  • ZEMEK’s commitment to product development has led to the introduction of uniquely developed nylon and polyurethane products – ZEMEK Plastics.

    These Australian designed and manufactured polymer products have been extensively trialled in various applications at mining operators in Queensland Bowen Basin and the New South Wales Hunter Valley.

    The benefits are tabled below but the key feature of these exclusively manufactured ZEMEK plastics, is the wearing endurance and therefore longevity of operational ‘life’, compared to the comparative products traditionally manufactured in steel.

    ZEMEK Plastics are extensively and successfully used in shovel dipper doors to replace heavier and less durable steel products.

    Operational Advantages – Plastic vs Steel Components

    • Significant reduction of wear rates vs steel on steel componets
    • Capital cost reduction due to replacing components less often
    • More effective operation due to less friction on sliding parts
    • Dipper door alignment problems rectified due to tripping and latching system maintaining tolerances for the life of the door rebuild.
    • Manual handling advantages due to significant weight reduction
    • Operational noise reduction
    • Maintenance and replacement of steel components alleviated

    Applications for Plastic Products

    • Dragline walking gear – stabilising foot plates
    • Excavator buckets and bearings
    • Rope shovel dipper door components, including:
      • Nylon door bushes
      • C Block inserts
      • T Block
      • Lever slides
      • Bump stops
      • Door buffers
      • Snubber lugs
      • Equaliser bar bushes
      • Latch bar insert
    • Conveyor or chute wear plates
    • Application benefiting from noise reduction