• ZEMATRON Bearingless Rollers

  • A trial conducted at BMA Goonyella Riverside in the Bowen Basin, have referred to ZEMATRON rollers as “The best bearingless rollers available for mining industry applications”.

    ZEMEK ensures that in every application involving the use of rollers, only superior performing synthetic materials are used.

    The advantages of ZEMATRON Bearing-less rollers are extensive due to consistent savings achieved.  ZEMEK Engineering Pty Ltd support our client’s desire to maximise productivity, value and safety in their operation.


    • Safer handling due to lighter weighted product, when compared to metal equipment
    • Eliminates sharp edges, splinters or burrs on rope or rollers, due to lower coefficient of friction
    • Colour coded synthetic for easy identification


    • Ease of installation and removal for rotation or replacement
    • Quickly & safely identify roller performance by visual inspections
    • Minimal roller maintenance required
    • Ease of cleaning rollers and shaft
    • Self-lubricating product. No manual or regular lubricating


    • Increased performance of 300 – 600%, when compared to other roller brands on the market
    • Extended rope life due to low coefficient or friction between synthetic rollers & steel rope
    • Remarkably cost effective
    • Can be cast & moulded to any shaft & roller size required
    • Exclusive agreements with world class quality synthetic manufacturers ensuring capability to provide superior roller solutions

    ZEMEK Roller Locations

    • House
    • Tri-structure
    • Drag Chute/ Drag Tunnel
    • Aperture
    • Hoist Rope
    • Boom
    • Electrical cable feed rollers

    ZEMATRON Roller Casestudy