• Shovel Latching System

  • ZEMEK warehouse holds all the shovel door components for all 4100A, XPB/C and CAT 7495.

    ZEMEK Engineering offers a complete refurbishment package for electric shovel dipper doors.  Our main focus is on the latching system where we use the ZEMEK style latch bar and latch lever upgrade, with the implementation of synthetic wear blocks in key areas where major wear issues have caused door tripping failure.

    ZEMEK Engineering have completed over 30 successful door Refurbishments in the Bowen Basin.  The Refurbishments have been the major successes with improved door latching, greatly reduced latch shimming downtime and a significant reduction in component wear, thus reducing overall maintenance costs and increasing production availability.

    Synthetic components reduce the weight of individual components, improving safe handling for maintenance crews at change-outs. It also reduces component wear and the necessity to maintain lubrication lines which can be damaged during normal operations.

    Identifying the differentiated value: ZEMEK Door Refurbishment

    To further save, ZEMEK also can supply or fabricate certified Dipper Door Transport Stands.