• Saddle Block Wear Pads

  • ZEMEK Engineering in conjunction with coal mine operators has developed saddle block wear pads for the electric handles on shovels, to replace currently steel or bronze equivalents.

    An operational trial has commenced within the Bowen Basin in 2017.
    A case study of the performance of this trial will be developed and results documented for other interested shovel operators.

    Anticipated improvements from the upgrade to ZEMEK wear pads
     – No grease required
     – Eliminate the requirement for lube lines
     – Improved efficient operation of handles (less power to move handles due to lower coefficient of friction of nylon wear plates)
     – Reduced wear on side wall of the handles
     – Longer lasting plates due to less wear & friction
     – Weight reduction of wear plates, therefore easier handling
     – Excellent compression ratio compared to steel
     – Very price competitive vs bronze equivalent
    ** Wear properties of ZEMEK wear pads are 4x greater than recommended OEM bronze plates **