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Since 1975, ZEMEK Engineering has provided cutting-edge mining products and services to the mining industry. Our innovative, affordable mining solutions help lower production costs, without compromising on quality. With a huge range of new and refurbished mining products, plus the highest quality workmanship in refurbishment services, ZEMEK is a one stop shop for all your heavy equipment needs.
  • Australian owned
  • Experienced team
  • New and refurbished
  • Refurbishment services
  • Onsite support
  • Fit-outs and monitoring
  • Price match guarantee
  • Comprehensive warranty
Why choose ZEMEK?
Learn why ZEMEK is the most trusted supplier of mining products and services in Australia and beyond.

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If not for the Mag-Shields, we would have failed pumps again after the original contamination event.

BHP Mount Arthur Coal

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FAQ - Time lost due to lubrication failure in excavators

Posted by Chris Padman on 23 July 2020
A. Polymer bushes such as Wearite can replace lubricated steel bushes in many parts of the excavator mechanism.&...

FAQ - How does magnetic filtration effect oil analysis and failure prediction?

Posted by Chris Padman on 10 July 2020
A - Rare earth magnetic filtration systems remove most, but not all iron contamination from hydraulic systems; typi...

FAQ - How can I improve the life of shovel dipper door trip mechanism components and ropes?

Posted by Chris Padman on 2 June 2020
A -  Zemek have observed these steps can provide improvements to the life of components and ropes - &...

How we are working through the Covid-19 Pandemic

Posted by Janelle Graham on 2 April 2020
As with all businesses in this uncertain time, ZEMEK is implementing practices so that we can continue to operate w...
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