• GR8 Twist Locks

  • An innovative, patented dragline rigging pin lock:

    - Rated an outstanding success;

    - Easy to install;

    - Easy to remove.



    Only equipment required is a 1 ½” socket and lever to engage and disengage this lock

    • No rattle gun required for tightening the lock
    • No oxy torch required for cutting the lock
    • No heavy hammer and punch to dislodge the lock
    • Risk removal of flying fragments causing eye, hand and burn injuries
    • Remove risk of lifting strains from rattle gun


    It takes minimal time to either install or remove a GR8 Twist lock compared to any other lock on the market

    • Only one man is required for the process of installing and removing the lock
    • No damage to the rigging lock pockets from use of oxy torch needed to cut out the lock
    • Same GR8 Twist Lock can be reused many times


    • Very competitively priced to all other locks on the market
    • The GR8 Twist Lock is compatible with all the major dragline rigging manufactures including ESCO, CQMS and ZEMEK Systems
    • No additional cost of “converting” rigging pockets to suit the GR8 Lock

    Ongoing repair costs to dragline rigging parts is significantly less due to minimal damage to ‘pocket areas’ from nil use of oxy torch.


    To review the ZEMEK Case Study please click the link: ZEMEK GR8 Twist Lock