• Equaliser Upgrade

  • ZEMEK Engineering Pty Ltd has pioneered the engineered Equaliser Upgrade for electric shovel dippers, at BMA sites in the Bowen Basin.

    The equaliser pin, and the lugs on the bucket has historically received significant wear caused by the constant load of the dipper bucket and its contents.

    The engineered design improvements are achieved by replacing the three internal steel equaliser bushes with a continuous two metre specially conditioned nylon bush.

    The use of ZEMEK nylon bush with their low co-efficient of friction negates damage and removal problems of the pin.

    Further the self-lubricating properties of the ZEMEK nylon bush alleviates need to continually feed grease to the bushing during operation,


    Reduced exposure to harm by:

    • A simpler & safer maintenance process, removing the equaliser from the dipper bucket
    • Ease of installation & removal of equaliser pin, no gouging or welding
    • Ease of bush removal from the equaliser, with no shouldering or grooving causing the pin to seize to bushes
    • Significant noise reduction during operation due to impact absorption of ZEMEK nylon


    Increasing dipper availability by reducing hours required for maintenance:

    • Prolong life of equaliser pin indefinitely
    • Significant saving of wear on the end bushes and lugs
    • Future maintenance will only require replacement nylon bushes
    • Extend intervals between equaliser inspections
    • Significantly reduced emphasis on lubrication
    • Removal of pin & bushes a quick & simple process


    A tailor-made engineered upgrade, competitively priced with guaranteed results:

    • Maintenance free for two lives of the dipper rebuild (a minimum of 24 months)
    • Reduction of machining and subsequent rebuild costs
    • Equaliser pins can be reused, no damage from nylon bushes
    • Minimal wear to bucket lugs as the pin will no longer turn
    • Bushing is self-lubricating
    • Minimises replacement parts
    • Equaliser pin retains integrity, no longer prone to wear gouging or grooving caused by steel on steel bushes