Ultimate protection for hydraulic systems

Hydraulic systems are often the most expensive systems to repair and, when failures occur, the results can be catastrophic. While factory filters help protect machines by removing debris, they can't capture the small particles that wear down components. Plus, they have limited capacity to remove debris before it causes real damage.

To help improve the reliability of your mining equipment and to protect you against unpredictable failures ZEMEK offers Mag-Shield® filters. Mag-Shield filters use the most advanced magnetic technology to direct the oil flow in your mining equipment through an inescapable magnetic field. They remove contamination as fast as it occurs, bringing new capabilities to your filtration systems.

As well as preventing costly failures and dramatically reducing the scope of failures, Mag-Shield filters offer a huge range of benefits:

  • Extend the life of your mining components
  • Reduce the impact and severity of failures
  • Reduce follow-on failures
  • No monitoring or maintenance
  • Safe and simple to install
  • Lifespan of 15+ years
  • 100% reliable zero failures since introduction in 2009
  • Typical return on investment within one year

For more information on Mag-Shield technology, read our recent post: Mag-Shield installation and results


Hitachi EX5600 - Reduction in repeat failures and contamination alarms

MAG-SHIELDS® Protect the Hydraulic Systems of a CAT 994H Loader

CAT 793D Off-Road Truck Guarded by MAG-SHIELDS®

ZEMEK are the Australian distributor for BAY6 Solutions

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The door is working very well and I can tell you it is much appreciated now we see how trouble free it remains.  & the guys loved fitting the door up with the bushes etc.  It went tog...

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